Coping with trauma, accident and disability

Frontline Podiatry are specialists in this area, due to many years spent within the Ministry Of Defence rehabilitation unit at Headley Court.

Hannah Watkinson set up the podiatry function at Headley Court bringing this into line with the other functions, sharing information and pioneering the multi-discipline approach to the rehabilitation of severe trauma.

If you have recently suffered trauma, injury or accident leading to severe pain, or even neurological problems stemming from brain injuries we can help. Broken bones can be fixed, but loss of function may be a lasting side effect and pain can result from walking with undiagnosed leg length discrepancy and pain may be referred from a seemingly unconnected problem in the rest of the body.

Sometimes these problems cannot be cured but there is always a way to make things better, more efficient and find alternative ways of functioning whilst driving towards our aim of minimizing pain and improving quality of life even in the most serious and complex of cases.