Alison Rose

Chartered Physiotherapist/Clinic Director

Sports House Sports Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd

Hannah has been running a podiatry clinic at CSPC for the last five years. Podiatry, biomechanics and the prescription of orthotics has always been an important part of our patient pathway, no matter whether the patient is an elite athlete or a member of the general public. Hannah has a vast amount of experience, and her knowledge of biomechanics and her understanding of its application to the clinical presentation is excellent. As a clinic, we aspire to get to the root cause of the issue the patient is having – for some that is less than optimal performance, for some it is pain.

Hannah fits well into our team, and her approach compliments our treatment ethos. She is thorough in her examination, she can think outside the box for those clients that have complex presentations, and she has a choice of materials and orthotics that she can offer to suit the client’s needs. She has made a huge difference to our clients, and has always made really appropriate recommendations for them. With clients and physios alike, she is clear in her explanations and easy to talk to. In short, we would be lost without Hannah, and she has made a huge difference to the level of service we can offer.

Dr Tony Rowe

I have been a client of Hannah’s for about 3½ years, following a very serious road accident 4½ years ago with both legs broken as well as my left foot and ankle/heel both very severely damaged – and much else. Initially. I was referred to Hannah by my specialist consultant/surgeon who took over to focus on my foot and ankle problems once my legs had been ‘fixed’. I had had a couple of physios – and another podiatrist before getting the referral to Hannah – but without a lot of success.

But Hannah has been superb and I have nothing but praise for her. She is thorough, spends a lot of time making sure she understands the issue – and where the pain or discomfort is. And has a deep understanding of the ‘feet and ankle’ at least from my observation.

I have perhaps had 3 videos taken of me walking to enable her to conduct a ‘gait analysis’ to help her determine the shape and form of my custom orthoses – the custom insoles – particularly the left one to be made to compensate for the damage to my foot/ankle and heel. She also initially made plaster casts of the soles of my feet. From all of this she determined the ‘prescription’ for my bespoke orthoses – the custom insoles I now have to wear.

My principal problem is fairly unique in that the ‘fatty pad’ below my left heel which cushions the heel when walking or running/jumping is no longer attached to my heel but ‘floats’ and does not support me – believed to have become ‘sheared’ during the accident – and there doesn’t seem to be any proven treatment. So the custom insoles have to be designed to contain the heel ad from floating and support it from getting bruised – as well as supporting the ball of my foot which was also damaged. Without those insoles I cannot walk on hard surfaces like wooden floors.

As I said Hannah has been superb. Whilst I don’t now see her frequently I do see her for a ‘review’ every year or so to see whether new insoles would be beneficial.

Juliette Foster

I was referred to Hannah’s clinic by my orthopaedic specialist after experiencing pain in my left foot. Initially I was wary about what she could do for me given that a similar problem in my other foot had led to surgery and a long recovery. However, Hannah’s professionalism and compassion dispelled any doubts. Because the problem had been diagnosed early, she was able to treat it with a simple yet effective exercise regime and a pair of specially made orthotics. I noticed the difference within a week! A year later she filmed me walking along a corridor in her clinic and compared it to the footage she had shot the previous year. My walking was steadier, my body was no longer distributing its weight on the stronger foot and my overall posture had improved. Hannah is extremely impressive and I would thoroughly recommend her. She is understanding, determined to achieve the best results for her clients and the personification of what good patient care is all about.